Manage Your Garden With These Smart Devices

by Scott Krevit 06/16/2019

Smart technology has changed how people live and communicate, not just in their daily lives but also within the comfort of their homes. Nowadays, it seems everyone has a smartphone, from teens to elders, and this has ushered some fantastic opportunities for new, comfortable and smart living. From living rooms to kitchens, every area of the house is now getting smart. And one area of the home that has joined the list of "smart" is the garden.  

Whether it is a small garden with plants in tiny containers or an expansive one with several species of plants around, one feature of having a garden is that it boosts your home aesthetic appeal. However, maintaining it can be a pain in the neck. Well, that is in the past as garden maintenance is now simple. From helping you figure out when to water your plants to keep tabs on the soil in your garden, here are four affordable and straightforward gadget that can make your garden smart. 

Netatmo Weather Station

If you want to have a good understanding of your indoor or outdoor environment, the Netatmo Weather Station is the perfect gadget. This module displays live information on outdoor air quality, relative humidity, and temperature. It can analyze previous readings, forecast variations happening around you as well forecast how things may turn out in the future. You can add a wind gauge or rain gauge for a proper understanding of the condition in your garden.


Edyn is a one of a kind device built around providing you with information. You shove it into the ground of your garden, and it syncs with your smartphone to give you a different type of information about your garden bed. Furthermore, The device recommends plants to grow based on the conditions. It has an optional water valve, which automatically controls your sprinklers based on the information it gets from your garden soil.

Green Box

Greenbox is a fantastic device built to work with houses that have a sprinkler system installed. This device gives homeowners full control of their watering schedule from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The Greenbox can also be connected to the internet to get information about the weather. It will let you know when it is appropriate to activate your sprinkler and when you shouldn't.

Koubachi Plant Sensor 2

The Koubachi helps sense conditions of your garden soil and gives you tips on how to manage your plants. This device also forecasts weather to help you make useful decisions in your garden. Furthermore, you can connect this device to your smartphone so you can keep an eye on your garden when you are not home. The outdoor model of this device is water resistant, which means you need not take it inside during bad weather. You can as well get the indoor model to keep tabs of the plants in your living room and other areas of the house.

These devices won't cost you are a fortune. Ask your Local gardener for more information.

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